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Natural gas occurring in formations containing water is entrained in that water during the removal process. The amount of entrained gas produced from these wells is a function of:

      ~    Well depth, borehole stratigraphy, and gas accumulation in the formation;
      ~    Well construction and pump placement depth;
      ~    Pumping rate(s) and frequency of pumping;
      ~    Well and aquifer hydraulics; and
      ~    Degree of turbulent flow in the well to the pump.

Because the volume of gas potentially lost could not easily be measured, it was determined that the total volume is insignificant, and not worth the allocation of resources to attempt separation and capture. It was allowed to escape as a fugitive emission, or flared off.

Using the HyCap Separator, HyCap Energy LLC has not only successfully separated the gas, but we have measured the volumes of gas lost. Through this we are able to capture and direct the gas to the revenue stream.

The services that we provide will improve your bottom line through the environmentally responsible services, placing the results in your bank account.


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