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MS, Geological Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology (Rolla) -- 1975. BA, Geology, University of Kansas - - 1973.

REGISTRATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS: Professional Geologist, PG-661, Wyoming.
Professional Engineer, (pending – approved take PE exam in Colorado).
Certified Professional Geologist,AIPG-7409 (past president of Colorado Section).

PATENTS HELD: HyCap Separator (pending) patent application serial no. 12/815292 filed on June 14, 2010 Held jointly with Bret H Wolz

American Water Works Association - Kansas and Rocky Mountain Sections

Colorado Water Congress

Special District Association of Colorado

Colorado Section of American Institute of Professional Geologists – (past president)

Colorado Ground Water Association

Colorado Water Well Contractor’s Association (past board member)

Colorado Geological Survey Advisory Committee -- appointed by Governor Romer (past co-chairman)

Southeast Metro Storm Water Authority (past board member)

Kansas Rural Water Association

> Well-field expansion, including several deep Denver Basin wells, pump stations, and water mains.
> Installation of new three-mile 36- inch diameter steel pipeline connection to new water storage and delivery system.
> Upgrade of SCADA and security systems, well rehabilitation, and water restriction program.
> Construction of two 10-million gallon and one 2.4 million gallon posttension concrete storage tanks (about $8M)
> Installation of major nonpotable irrigation reuse capture, storage, and delivery system for the irrigation of parks, green belts, and schools.
> Purchase of the large municipal well field, storage facilities, and water rights. ($18.5M)
> Installation of 18 miles of 48-inch and 52-inch diameter steel pipeline and 25,000-gpm pump station ($56.7M).
> Douglas County (Colorado) Water Authority and the Denver Basin groundwater model.
> Purchase of the renewable agricultural water rights totaling 3,000 acre-feet in cooperation with Farmers Reservoir and Irrigation Company and United Water District, with an option to purchase more water ($45M).
> Creation of aggressive rate and tap fee structure, establishment of capital improvement district, and issuance of district bonds for the financing of major water purchases and capital improvement projects.
> Expansion of the district by approximately 10,000 equivalent taps and new District office building.
> Agreement with Arapahoe County, City of Centennial, and Urban Drainage and Flood Control District on the formation of a new Southeast Metro Storm Water Authority.
> Design, construction, modeling, and permitting of new well field and 10- MGD (expandable to 47 MGD) reverseosmosis treatment plant ($30M for Phase 1).
> Installation of 35 miles of 48-inch diameter steel pipeline and two booster pump stations with 47-MGD capacity ($75M and up to $300M with expansion facilities for the South Metro Water Supply Authority).
> Agreement with Denver Water for a 12-inch connection at Denver International Airport and near University Blvd. and C-470 to take possession of the District’s water allocation from the


Water Utilities: General Manager of Leavenworth Water Department, Leavenworth, Kansas; and Vice Chairman and Treasurer (12 years) of the East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District, Centennial, Colorado.

Consulting: Manager and Owner, Rocky Mountain Water Consulting, LLC and Wyoming Water Design and Development, LLC (current); Water Resources Manager, MWH (2005 – 2006); Principal Scientist, Brown and Caldwell (2003 – 2005); Senior Hydrogeologist, ASCG, McLaughlin Water Engineers, Montgomery Watson, and Gronning Engineering (1986 – 2003).

Energy Development: Mobil Oil Corporation (1982 – 1986); Rocky Mountain Energy of Union Pacific Corporation (1978 – 1982); CONSOL Energy -- subsidiary of Conoco and DuPont (1975 – 1978).

Honors Awards Recognitions:

Colorado Springs Utilities Augmentation Exchange Plan - 1993 Colorado Consulting Engineers Council First Place Award for Excellence for Engineering Studies.

High-Capacity Municipal Well near Gillette, WY - 2007 Wyoming Engineering Society Award Honorable Mention Award for design and drilling technology -- highest specific capacity and production deep well in the Fort Union Formation in Campbell County, WY.

As a Board member of ECCV Water and Sanitation District, recognition from the U. S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation “for outstanding cooperation and assistance in connection with an investigation of great importance” pertaining to the apprehension of suspected terrorist Najibullah Zazi.

Selected Publications:

Kaufman, J. M. “Reuse Under the Appropriation Doctrine of Colorado” (19th Annual “WateReuse” Symposium, Phoenix, Arizona, 2004). Kaufman, J. M., and Gronning, Lloyd J., P.E. “Municipal Water-Supply Planning in the 90’s” (Paper presented at the Colorado Water Congress Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado January 1993).

Kaufman, J. M., and Philip C. Saletta, P.E. “Colorado Springs’ Irrigation Return-Flow Project Saves Water” (Paper presented at the American Water Works Association Conserv93 Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, December 16, 1993), 15p.

_________. “City of Colorado Springs Ground-Water Development Augmentation and Exchange Plans” (Report to the City of Colorado Springs Department of Utilities, Water Division, October, 1989). Plans decreed in Colorado Division 2 Water Court on July 17, 1991, 173 p.

Kaufman, J. M. “Quantification of Reusable Subsurface Irrigation Return Flows in Colorado Springs” (Paper presented at the Colorado Water Engineering and Management Conference, Denver, Colorado, March, 1992), pp. 16-21.

John M. Kaufman, PG,

3 0 3 - 7 2 6 - 4 3 1 0 ~ John@HyCapEnergy.com


34 years experience in water utility management, environmental and safety compliance, water resources, water rights, coal mining, and coal bed methane. Extensive experience directing water-supply development projects in Colorado, Wyoming, and other western states. Managed multi-million dollar projects for municipal, industrial, and institutional interests. Designed high-capacity wells for utility and private supply, aquifer storage and recovery, wastewater injection, insitu mining, geothermal energy, coal bed methane development, construction dewatering, and environmental monitoring. Developed ground-water models for water supply, water rights decrees, solute-transport analysis, saltwater intrusion, and mining impacts. Developed augmentation plans for water development and reuse. Provided litigation support and expert witness testimony in water rights and other civil cases. Served on governmental boards and testified before state legislators and federal regulators. Currently assisting City of Aspen, Colorado develop its geothermal resources.

> General Manager of Leavenworth Water Department (Leavenworth, Kansas) with overall responsibility for the treatment and delivery of potable water to more than 50,000 customers. Manager of overall diversion, treatment, and distribution of potable water to more than 50,000 customers in Leavenworth and Jefferson Counties, Kansas. Responsible and accountable to five elected Waterworks Board members including budget, financial resources, organizational management, developing and implementing administrative policies and procedures, and public relations.

o Recommends and manages annual budgets, capital improvement plans, and rates, fees and charges for Board approval. Establishes Waterworks Board meeting agendas twice per month and communicates with board members directly as the need arises.

o Improves operations through new contracting procedures, security upgrades, new geographic information system, and improved computer and communication technologies.

o Directs the development of short and long-range plans for infrastructure maintenance replacement, and expansion. Oversees project budgets and special studies and all capital improvements. Manages and protects Water Department’s water diversion rights.

o Supervises professional staff and is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and upgrade of two 6-MGD capacity water treatment plants, 180 miles of water transmission and distribution lines, five million gallons of potable water storage, booster pumping station, equipment shop, and administration office.

o Directs supervisory staff in the operation and maintenance of fleet vehicles and repair trucks, backhoes, shop equipment, meter-testing equipment, and large inventory of hydrants, valves, meters, water mains, transmission lines, and pipe fittings.

o Manages projects and contracts with consultants and contractors; develops infrastructure design standards; and consults with the Water Department's general counsel on legal matters, as necessary. Coordinates joint infrastructure projects with the City of Leavenworth Public Works Department, Leavenworth Fire Department, Leavenworth School District, Kansas Department of Transportation, and numerous rural water districts.

o Responsible for regulatory and statutory compliance under the Safe Drinking Water Act, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Homeland Security, OSHA, and applicable labor laws. Communicates regularly with the Kansas Department of Agriculture on water rights matters and consumptive use, Kansas Department of Health and Environment on water quality, and EPA Region 7 on air quality compliance.

o Interfaces and confers directly with Leavenworth City Manager, Mayor, and City Commissioners; County Commissioners; Deputy to the Garrison Commander of Fort Leavenworth; state and federal penitentiary representatives; neighboring city officials; rural water district representatives; and large municipal water providers in the Kansas City metropolitan area on matters of policy and on local and regional infrastructure projects. Represents Water Department in public appearances and infrastructure development meetings with community leaders and lenders; prepares and issues press releases and annual water-quality reports.

o Represents the Water Department in the Kansas Section of the American Water Works Association and the Kansas Rural Water Association. Communicates directly with the Kansas congressional delegation on behalf to the Waterworks Board, as necessary, on matters pertaining to the state revolving loan fund administered under the Safe Drinking Water Act and homeland security issues.

o Responsible for all customer service. Responds to requests for information from city officials, businesses, civic organizations, and citizens; responds to and resolves customer complaints; and works continuously with staff to streamline customer service activities. Selects, trains, motivates, and evaluates Water Department personnel; establishes and monitors employee performance objectives; prepares and presents employee performance reviews; and provides for necessary employee training such as operator class certifications, traffic safety, first aid and CPR, and trench/confinedspace rescue.

o Created and chairs Leavenworth County Water Resources Roundtable that fosters regional cooperation among the County water districts in infrastructure and supply. Developed new computerized design standards for use by contractors and engineers. Developed new standard contracts for use by contractors and consultants.

> Twelve-year elected member and Vice-Chairman (past Treasurer) of the East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District (ECCV – see below) in Centennial, Colorado (near Denver) with a 2008 operating budget of $13.1 M, capital budget of $21.4M, 19,500 service taps, and infrastructure assets totaling $389.2M.

> Over 100 water-resource projects involving water rights, augmentation and exchange plans, reuse, litigation support, expert-witness testimony, planning, valuations, yield analysis, water-supply development, permitting, groundwater flow and solute-transport modeling, conjunctive use, water-supply wells, aquifer storage and recovery, design and permitting of deep Class I, III, and V injection wells, construction dewatering, geothermal energy development, insitu leach mining, surface and underground mining, coalbed methane development, regulatory and legislative affairs, permit compliance, and across much of the United States including Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Utah, and California.

> Managed large projects and budgets (with formal project management training at ASCG and MWH). Built and motivated cohesive multi-disciplinary teams. Given presentations to elected officials and boards. Delegates, mentors, and supervises staff. Designed and implemented innovative and practical solutions to complex problems.

> Expert in coal geology and quality, hydrogeology, geomorphology, well and aquifer hydraulics, multi-phase fluid flow in aquifers, well design, well testing, well construction and rehabilitation, drilling technology, water chemistry, and ground-water modeling (finite-difference (MODFLOW and MT3D), Glover streamflow depletion and return flows, and various analytical solutions).

> Proficient with multiple computer applications including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Excel visual basic programming (macros), Visual MODFLOW (SEAWAT) and Groundwater Vistas (MODFLOW), stochastic analysis, project management, technical specifications and bid documents for high-capacity supply and injection wells and pumping systems, construction costing, and construction management for ground-water development and dewatering.

> Author of reports and professional papers pertaining to water resources, water rights, reuse, and mining.