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European Patent Application No. 11796174.8
European patent application was published in the European Patent Bulletin on April 17, 2013, under number 2,580,164. The full application was published during the International Phase of the Patent Cooperation Treaty application.

Panelist at Energy Exposition 2011. The Unconventional CBM/Coal discussion is June 16, 2011 starting at 9 am. Each panelist will have fifteen minutes to present what they are doing in the CBM/Coal industry. After each presentation has been made the panelist will discuss the issues with each other. The Coordinator may include the audience at his discretion.

Unconventional CBM/Coal Panalists
Shawn Taylor - Brian Cree - Donald Collins - Bret H Wolz PE
Wyoming Geological Association Meeting Presentation Scheduled May 6, 2010 Casper Petroleum Club
Julia with the Wyoming Geological Association called after seeing our press release in the Casper Tribune. She is asking if someone from HyCap Energy could give a presentation at one of their meetings about what HyCap is and what we do. They meet every friday at the Petroleum Club in Casper, with a buffet lunch from 11:15 to noon. And presentation from noon to 1pm.

Her contact information is: - Work: 266-3199 ~ Cell: 277-9074
HyCap Presentation at The Energy Exposition, Gillette WY June 16 @2:30pm
International Trade Exhibition

Austin F. Jennings III - Marketing Director/Coordinator - Direct Line: 307-258-9878
austin@energyexposition.com         www.energyexposition.com
News Release -
4/14/2011 - Success!
We have installed the first separator unit on a well in the Ivy Creek field it is separating gas, reducing head pressures and working just like we wanted it to

1/7/2011 - Just a quick update on our progress
We are still seeking partners but the following business improvements and Notable events have occurred
  • A Manufacturing Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with High Plains Gas Inc -covering the territory west of the Mississippi River
  • A Manufacturing Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with Industrial Resources Inc -covering the territory east of the Mississippi River
  • Testing rig #1 has been finished and has completed testing of roughly 40 CBM wells in the PRB
  • The USBLM has issued an opinion that we are recovery enhancement, and as long as on lease, no sundry permitting is required.
  • A order for testing of wells has been signed with High Plains Gas Inc. This includes roughly 1800 CBM wells in the PRB.
  • The First field unit CD001, has been installed in the Grams West Field of High Plains Gas. it is pressuring up and producing gas.
  • Our Web page www.hycapenergy.com caused an inquiry by Industrial Resources Inc. a Design/Manufacturing/construction company in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.
  • A Farm out agreement is in negotiation with Loral LLC. Loral operates ~1000 wells in the PRB.
  • Improvements to the collection of gas and the development of the capture device have reduced the costs of manufacturing and installation.

  • 1/1/2011 - Communications with the BLM
    Clarification of Installation of HyCap Separator from the BLM