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Energy Expo Announcement
Coal-Bed Methane Comeback
Are Natural Gas Emissions a Greater Threat Than Those of Coal?
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Casper Star Tribune - RMOTC conducts successful test

RMOTC Test Reports
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Casper StarTribune - Wyoming invention holds promise for recapturing coal-bed methane
Billings Gazette - Wyoming invention holds promise for recapturing coal-bed methane
HyCap Energy, LLC: CBM Gas Separator
RMOTC Newsletter Fall 2010
WyomingEnergyNews.com/Water Separation Success!
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DailyFinance.com ~ Natural Gas a cure for Americas irrational oil addiction
Wind Energy’s Real Problems
Energy and the Environment: More Certainty, More Innovation
USA Today - Methane
N Y Times Business/Energy-Environment
Greening Of Oil / A way to get gas out of water
DOE Press Release 7-2010

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Coalbed Methane Outreach Program (CMOP)
EPA Coalbed Methane Extra (PDF) Fall 2010
California to debut landmark cap-and-trade system
Methane Leakage Runs Up a $50 Billion Bill
World Industry and Government Contacts - Coal Mine Methane (CMM) & Coalbed Methane (CBM)

Natural Gas Information

EPA Press Releases
07/28/11 -New EPA Press Release Concerning Natural Gas
03/1/11 -EPA Report Underscores Clean Air Act’s Successful Public Health Protections
02/17/11 -Officials to Join President Obama at White House Event
12/23/10 -Press Conference Call on Clean Air Act Announcement
12/20/10 -Updates to Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program
12/06/10 -EPA Announces 2010 Enforcement & Compliance Results
12/04/10 -EPA State Greenhouse Gas Permitting Programs
11/09/10 -EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Requirements
EPA Releases Cont.
09/14/10 -EPA’s Clean Air Act Turns 40
09/10/10 -EPA -Public Hearing on Greenhouse Gas Permits
08/16/10 -EPA Proposes Rules on Clean Air Act
07/30/10 -EPA Major Clean Air Act Proposal
07/29/10 -EPA $16 Million to Clean up Communities
06/05/10 -10 percent savings within 5 years set as industry goal
05/13/10 -EPA Sets Thresholds for Greenhouse Gas
04/16/10 -EPA Additions to Greenhouse Gas Reporting
04/14/10 -"Coming Together for Clean Water" conference
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EnergyTribune.com - Coalbed Methane Wells are Cheap
RMOTC / Test Reports

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Wall St.Journal July 16,2010